Find out about all historical changes made to plugin.
Patch Release
May 14, 2024
  • [fix] Issue with database upgrade
  • [fix] Lottie not working in some cases
  • [fix] Exclude CSS from Draw Attention plugin in the builder
Patch Release
April 30, 2024
  • [new] From/To custom code field allows the use of MorphSVG plugin
  • [fix] Motion Path validation schema - use default type if value is invalid
  • [fix] Safari builder page refresh issue
  • [fix] Remove other instances of GSAP - works only if there are activate timelines on the page
  • Various minor tweaks, bug resolutions and additional improvements
Patch Release
March 30, 2024
  • [new] Remove other instances of GSAP library on the frontend [Experimental]
  • [tweak] Image Sequence - offload images loading to the Worker thread
  • [tweak] Image Sequence Transcoder - multi-threaded transcoding for faster processing
  • [tweak] Image Sequence Transcoder - support Arc browser and Firefox version >= 119
  • [tweak] Two new PHP filters (motionpage/utils/disableMobile & motionpage/utils/gsapDeferAsync)
  • [tweak] Scripts and files should have better exclude support for optimization plugins
  • [tweak] ScrollTrigger refresh script transpiled as ES6
  • [tweak] Faster post/page fetching in the builder
  • [tweak] Remove new post types from WP 6.5, that are not needed in the builder
  • [tweak] SelectorScanner will look for a unique parent selector for Breakdance images
  • [tweak] Lottie integration now supports also dotLottie
  • [fix] Save Button - incorrect behaviour on Mouse Movement trigger
  • [fix] Additional selectors in the generated code for ScrollTrigger start/end (in rare cases)
  • [fix] ScrollSmoother option "Move fixed elements outside the wrapper" issue with Bricks builder
  • [fix] Global Settings config loss during the site migration
  • [fix] Data validation issue caused by empty "Offset from element" input field in Image Sequence
  • [fix] No Posts error notice on empty Oxygen templates
  • [fix] Three missing tooltips
  • [fix] NumPad Enter should work as Enter in the builder
  • [fix] Prevent "Cookie Yes" to show in the builder iframe
  • [fix] Replace FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING with htmlspecialchars for better PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • [fix] Prevent error #011 when the issue is non-existent
  • [fix] Timeline playhead component - issue with the playhead position
  • [fix] ClickCopy - better compatibility with different browsers
  • [upgrade] GSAP 3.12.5
  • Various minor tweaks, bug resolutions and additional improvements
Patch Release
November 6, 2023
  • [tweak] Three new PHP filters
  • [tweak] Exclude Motion.poge files from Speedien plugin (Nestify)
  • [fix] Page Exit code rendered by accident on the frontend (in some cases)
  • [fix] LazyLoaded browser event - refresh script disabled by default
Patch Release
October 21, 2023
  • [fix] Split Text missing in the actual code (in some cases)
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger Custom Code Field - issue with nested objects
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger pin hanging in DOM after removal (in some cases)
  • [fix] Exclude from Page Optimize plugin
  • [fix] Prevent Image Sequence from loading in ARC browser (as it is not supported by the browser)
Patch Release
October 8, 2023
  • [fix] Wrong number of parameters in the plugin action links
Patch Release
October 7, 2023
  • [tweak] ScrollTrigger refresh function hooked to document lazyloaded event
  • [tweak] Optimole compat layer
  • [fix] WP Meteor compat layer
  • [fix] Save button duplicate action
Patch Release
September 20, 2023
  • [fix] Error #002A | #002B that impacted specific server configurations
  • [fix] Incorrect styling of the update notice
Patch Release
September 16, 2023
  • [fix] Zod data validation schema
Minor Release
September 14, 2023
  • [new] Mouse Movement
  • [new] MotionPath integration
  • [new] Client Mode
  • [new] Zoom/Unzoom timeline component
  • [new] ScrollTrigger clamp
  • [new] ScrollSmoother speed option
  • [new] Smooth scroll to hash anchor on page load
  • [new] Better WPML & Polylang support - sync timelines across all languages (UI toggle)
  • [new] Disable ScrollSmoother on frontend for admin users (UI toggle)
  • [new] Page Events are wrapped with gsap.context
  • [tweak] Database table split into two tables
  • [tweak] Image Sequence- Support for WebP as a transparent image format
  • [tweak] Image Sequence - Device Pixel Ratio
  • [tweak] Display spinner component during deletion of image sequence files
  • [tweak] Use 'motionpage/action/front' to confirm plugin's frontend activity
  • [tweak] Option to hide quick action link (Edit with
  • [tweak] Ease dropdown indicates that users can either select or input the ease
  • [tweak] Improved code compression in certain scenarios
  • [tweak] Option to change license key by holding down arrow key during builder launch
  • [tweak] Updated icon for the timeline visibility toggle
  • [tweak] License keys are hashed in the database
  • [tweak] Smooth anchor links support URLs starting with '#' or '/#'
  • [tweak] Image Sequence - image decoding attribute set to async during lazy load
  • [tweak] Better multi-site support
  • [tweak] Image Sequence supports .mov and .webm files
  • [tweak] Additional filters in the library
  • [fix] UI displays consistent breakpoint values as saved ones
  • [fíx] Custom Transition plugin supports transition CSS property
  • [fix] Resolved timeline duplication inconsistencies
  • [fix] Load CustomEase plugin when gsap.parseEase is used in the custom code field
  • [fix] Posts API returns an empty array if no posts are available
  • [fix] Quick action link (Edit with loads the correct iframe URLs
  • [fix] Custom Code Field resolved function name issues
  • [fix] Generated code compiles to ES2015 (ES6) instead of ES2016
  • [fix] Proper license removal upon uninstallation
  • [UI] Introduced new sections in global settings
  • [UI] Slider adjusts value with mouse click-n-drag
  • [upgrade] GSAP 3.12.2
  • Various minor tweaks, bug resolutions and additional improvements
Major Release & Redesign
February 16, 2023
  • [new] Redesigned UI
  • [new] Light theme
  • [new] Image Sequence + Video transcoder
  • [new] SplitText
  • [new] Custom code block in ScrollTrigger and From/To properties
  • [new] Modify/edit selector with the right-click
  • [new] Sticky/Fixed elements are automatically moved outside of ScrollSmoother wrapper
  • [new] Image Sequence Shortcode mp-canvas
  • [new] Remove all data and license on uninstall, can be enabled from the Builder Settings pane
  • [new] Opt-in for receiving Beta releases from the Builder Settings pane
  • [new] ScrollTrigger custom code field allows the use of ScrambleText plugin
  • [new] CookieBot compatibility with motionpage/utils/cookieconsent filter
  • [new] Sync iframe reload with Elementor save button (same page)
  • [new] Quick Action Links in the admin
  • [tweak] All generated code is ES6 compatible
  • [tweak] ScrollSmoother won't run on mobile devices if touch is set to zero
  • [tweak] Hide full license key in login screen
  • [tweak] Lower memory consumption during posts/pages fetching (~8% less)
  • [tweak] Increase memory limit for post/pages fetching on excesive posts/page count
  • [tweak] Flush permalink rewrite rules on plugin activation and update
  • [tweak] Support for rem, em, vh, vw, vmin, vmax units in Translate and Dimensions
  • [tweak] Support for "center" in ScrollTrigger element positions
  • [tweak] Optimized PHP code loading / performance
  • [tweak] Initiate SelectorDetector on input focus
  • [tweak] SelectorDetector disables when selector is added by pressing an enter key
  • [tweak] Hide invalid selectors in SelectorDetector
  • [tweak] Show notice on timeline show / hide toggle from library tab
  • [tweak] Show diod indicator if any values are enabled in advanced targeting/options
  • [tweak] Timeline shows "No page assigned" instead of spinner if the page ID is not found
  • [tweak] Hide Repeat / Stagger icon from timeline if the value is set to 0
  • [tweak] 0019 issue notice explains how to fix the issue
  • [tweak] WordPress filters - naming consistency
  • [tweak] Close builder dropdowns on scroll
  • [tweak] Tooltips positioning
  • [tweak] Suggested selectors in Lottie
  • [tweak] ScrollTrigger ToggleActions - hide selected option in the dropdown
  • [fix] Breakpoints settings (new range option)
  • [fix] Timeline node drag and resize issues
  • [fix] In some cases, there was need to click twice to play the timeline
  • [fix] Issue with importing timelines from other sites
  • [fix] Bypass reduced motion state on toggle
  • [fix] Range slider input component
  • [fix] Error when stagger value is changed back to 0
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger Pin issue
  • [fix] Allow 0 as a value inside Filters
  • [fix] Missing timeline trigger on individual timelines if trigger was empty
  • [fix] Number inputs correct values during initialization
  • [fix] Missing builder CSS polyfills for older browsers
  • [fix] Modals work correctly in Safari and Firefox
  • [fix] Proper handling of unsupported browsers in the builder
  • [fix] Incorrectly loaded builder CSS on specific server configs
  • [fix] Long selector badge
  • [fix] Multiple export/delete from library
  • [fix] Missing Oxygen template in some cases in advanced targeting
  • [upgrade] GSAP 3.11.4
  • [deprecated] Dropped support for PHP version lower than 7.4
  • [lib] Removal of Chakra Number Inputs
  • Various minor changes, bug fixes and additional improvements
Patch Release
January 1, 2023
  • [fix] Issue with the builder not loading after downgrading to 1.6.6 from 2.0.0
  • [fix] Issue with removing multiple timelines from library
  • [fix] Incorrect unit switch
Patch Release
October 25, 2022
  • [fix] Node duration change not working correctly in some cases
  • [fix] Advanced targeting (Oxygen template) not loading correctly for logged-out users
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger timeline repeat YoYo effect - incorrectly generated value
Patch Release
September 23, 2022
  • [tweak] Possibility to write down any ease in the easing dropdown
  • [tweak] Less code on the front-end
  • [tweak] SiteGround Optimizer compatibility - Auto exclude list/function
  • [tweak] ScrollTrigger offset position values
  • [fix] ScrollSmoother - loading corrected on pages without ScrollTrigger
  • [fix] ScrollSmoother - disabled reactivation after value change
  • [fix] Timeline component node - incorrect values after browser zoom in/out
  • [fix] Prevent builder breakage if wp_debug outputs a warning inside the API request (PHP 8.1.9)
  • [fix] PHP warning that emerged after post fetch
  • [lib] Removal of Axios library
Patch Release
September 23, 2022
  • [fix] Lottie selectors accepts IDs and classes correctly
  • [fix] _mp_refresher uses global window variable
  • [downgrade] GSAP 3.10.4
Patch Release
September 13, 2022
  • [ui] Left panel overlay during iframe URL change
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger refresh function
  • [fix] Wrong values during nodes switching
Patch Release
September 6, 2022
  • [new] Possibility to use RegEx inside Advanced Targeting
  • [tweak] Possibility to animate CSS variables in Custom value fields (scans root, HTML & body for CSS variables)
  • [tweak] Resize the timeline by grabbing any point at the top
  • [tweak] Possibility to use days property inside mp-block shortcode (default is 30)
  • [tweak] Auto exclude GSAP files from WP-Rocket (with rocket_delay_js_exclusions filter)
  • [tweak] Possibility to use _mp_refresher function, which will sort and refresh all ScrollTriggers on the page
  • [tweak] Query parameters /?mp=preview or /?mp=dbid1 bypass reduced motion
  • [ui] Expand animation selector input on focus
  • [ui] Wider value fields for custom and filter properties
  • [fix] Browser's back and forward buttons on page exit triggered timelines
  • [fix] Using double quotes in selector inputs without breaking
  • [fix] Iframe refresh on page select
  • [fix] Timeline playhead issues
  • [fix] Non-working filters in UI
  • [update] GSAP 3.11.1
  • Various minor changes, fixes, and improvements
Patch Release
August 20, 2022
  • [fix] Issue with iframe loading on specific sites
Minor Release
August 19, 2022
  • [new] Lottie
  • [new] DrawSVGPlugin
  • [new] Select colors with Eye Dropper (works with HTTPS and the latest Chromium browsers)
  • [new] mp-block & mp-unblock shortcodes - allow users to block timelines on frontend
  • [new] Preview timelines on frontend via URL query [e.g. /?mp=dbid1 || multiple split with - or ,]
  • [tweak] Faster loading time of the builder
  • [tweak] Possibility to use a different selector for the 2nd click for the click event
  • [tweak] Possibility to use multiple filters
  • [tweak] ScrollSmoother refresh function after page load
  • [tweak] Possibility to close SelectorDetector with ESC key
  • [tweak] Exit browser notice if there is an unsaved timeline
  • [tweak] CloudFlare rocket loader - cfasync=false attribute for all GSAP files
  • [fix] Suppress PHP warnings when the database is not up-to-date with a builder
  • [fix] Non-working Hue Rotate filter
  • [fix] Non-working Border Color
  • [fix] Background Position
  • [fix] Wrongly displayed viewport units on first load inside UI
  • [fix] Correct license input field on new installations
  • [fix] Prevent duplicate IDs on import
  • [fix] Timeline playhead issue
  • [fix] Markers disappearing or at wrong positions
  • [ui] Split From / To properties to Visual and Functional
  • Various minor changes, fixes and improvements
Patch Release
May 31, 2022
  • [fix] Versioning system & Update system
Patch Release
May 25, 2022
  • [fix] ScrollSmoother input resulting in black screen
  • [fix] Prevent black screen if builder loading takes longer
Minor Release
May 23, 2022
  • [new] ScrollSmoother plugin
  • [new] 3D Transform property
  • [new] Page Exit triggered by specific selectors
  • [new] Sync iframe reload with Oxygen or Bricks save button (same page)
  • [new] Timeline repeat delay option
  • [new] Disable post types inside builder
  • [tweak] Speed improvements on post fetching
  • [tweak] Loader overlay if action might take longer then expected
  • [fix] Advanced targeting not properly working in some cases
  • [ui] Settings moved to a top-right panel
  • [ui] Feature request button/link
  • [update] GSAP 3.10.4
  • Various minor changes, fixes and improvements
Minor Release
March 29, 2022
  • [new] Target timelines by the Post Type, Oxygen templates or URL
  • [new] Filter timelines in the library
  • [new] WordPress multisite support
  • [new] Repeat / Loop the whole timeline
  • [new] From / To context menu on right-click [Duplicate, Toggle, Clear, Copy, Paste]
  • [new] Pause "page load" event timelines before execution
  • [new] Custom PHP filters for targeting timelines content and execution
  • [new] Ease in the custom property now accepts cubic-bezier or path string values
  • [new] Hover - restart timeline on mouse leave
  • [new] Option to bypass 'prefers-reduced-motion' for a single timeline
  • [tweak] Remove JetEngine data-url attributes and prevent click inside the builder
  • [tweak] Custom Toggle Actions
  • [tweak] Toggle Actions new property "play reverse play reverse" [Always reverse on scroll backwards]
  • [tweak] Highlight timeline name on library right click
  • [tweak] Auto-scale timeline component preview length if the timeline is longer than the preview length
  • [tweak] Better error handling (notice in the bottom right corner)
  • [tweak] Prevent page exit timeline by targeting wrapper parent (#wrapperID.ignore-exit)
  • [tweak] Ease & Filter - search by typing
  • [tweak] Imports with different post ID are assigned to homepage ID on change from the library
  • [fix] Plain Permalinks compatibility
  • [fix] ScrollTrigger start/end offset issue
  • [fix] Ease removal issue + correct naming
  • [fix] Timeline component preview length is now saved together with the timeline
  • [fix] Timeline playhead bounds area
  • [fix] Prevent playhead move upon activating different timeline from the library
  • [fix] Scroller markers disappeared after iframe refresh
  • [fix] Piotnet Grid post fetching
  • [fix] Unsaved timeline not working correctly after iframe reload
  • [fix] Safari Repeat (yoyo) toggle bug
  • Various minor changes, fixes and improvements
Minor Release- ScrollTrigger for multiple elements
January 24, 2022
  • [new] ScrollTrigger - Play each iteration of the class individually when triggered
  • [new] Copy timeline UID from context menu in the library
  • [tweak] Prevent builder from breaking if selector is not a valid DOM selector
  • [tweak] Excluded classes for the Exit trigger can be pasted with and without dot
  • [tweak] Custom API for fetching all posts by post type name
  • [tweak:fix] Allow multiple selectors as Click / Hover triggers
  • [tweak:fix] Usage of optional chaining for event listeners which prevents code breaking
  • [fix] WordPress 5.9 compatibility
Patch Release
January 11, 2022
  • [tweak] ScrollTrigger refresh and sort function
  • [fix] After Load Page Event
Patch Release
January 3, 2022
  • [update] GSAP 3.9.1
  • [fix] Playhead tied to old timeline
  • [fix] Wrongly generated click/hover selector in some cases
Minor Release - Interactions - Click & Hover
January 2, 2022
  • [new] Click / Hover - Play each iteration of animated class individually when triggered
  • [new:tweak] Allow timeline restart on Click event
  • [tweak:breaking] A timeline node without selector takes previous selector instead of the first one
  • [tweak] Scale value is possible to increment by 2 decimals
  • [tweak] Suppressed warnings in the console
  • [fix] It's not possible to place animation node outside of the timeline anymore
  • [fix] Wrong position in the code for Click/Hover trigger - thus not working properly
  • [fix] Translate/BGPosition/Dimensions values/units bug
  • [fix] Breakpoints not working in some cases
  • [fix] Interactions Click/Hover dropdown bug - wrongly selected trigger after opening existing timeline
  • [fix] Custom property works again with a comma separated array
  • Various minor changes, fixes and improvements
Patch Release
December 17, 2021
  • [fix] Builder will not break during invalid selector
  • [fix] Weird issue with vendors file names
Patch Release
December 16, 2021
  • [tweak] Additional SrollTrigger.refresh function that prevents misorder of pined timelines
  • [tweak:fix] Activate site with http/s prefix inside EDD to prevent domain name mismatch
  • [fix] Rotation value set to 0 was shown like empty input
  • [fix] Unnecessary DOMContentLoaded listener wrap on Page Load timelines
Minor Update - ScrollTrigger
December 11, 2021
  • [new] Possibility to use pin in ScrollTrigger
  • [new] Adds "play none none reverse" to toggle actions as Reverse on scroll back leave
  • [new] If prefers-reduced-motion is set to reduce, timelines will not execute on the frontend
  • [tweak] Disable timeline restart after save
  • [tweak] Page exit ignored selector not preventing default click (event) action
  • [tweak] Possibility to use multiple classes as ignored page exit selector (split by comma)
  • [tweak:fix] Remove visibility:hidden inside iframe (possibility to use body as selector in FromTo)
  • [fix] Prevent unnecessary re-renders inside builder
  • [fix] Timelines stacking (in some cases)
  • Various minor changes, fixes and improvements
Patch Release
December 2, 2021
  • [fix] Possibility to open timeline with non-existing post
  • [tweak] Show "Missing Post ID / Title" instead of a spinner on non-existing post
Patch Release
November 30, 2021
  • [fix] Some values was not removed in from/to
  • Overcome EDD Unauthorized error by clicking on update badge (when update is available)
  • Changed exported code when using both from and to (gsap.fromTo)
  • Various minor changes and fixes
  • Update GSAP to 3.8.0 (from 3.7.1)
1.0.4 - 1.0.7
Patch Release
November 27, 2021
  • [partial-fix] CPTs filtering results in black screen
  • [fix] Variable typo causing PHP Warning
  • [fix] Prevent 40X errors due to server firewall
  • [fix] Confirm button loading state
  • Various minor changes and fixes
Patch Release
November 26, 2021
  • Fixed CSS styling
Patch Release
November 25, 2021
  • Possibility to add custom property inside From/To
  • Disabled XYC shortcuts which in some rare cases randomly switched Builder/Settings
  • It's possible to use space again in the input selector for advanced selector modifiers
  • Fixed issue which breaks the builder during scroller input typing
  • Iframe body color should inherit page body settings or use basic white color
  • Welcome screen library duplicate option will close the welcome screen
  • Disabled context menu (right-click), where not needed
  • Console error if the site has disabled REST API
  • Console warning if the site does not have a static page as a homepage
  • Unnecessary load of inline code carrier — now tied to GSAP enqueue
  • Unnecessary load of script/text on the frontend
  • Various minor changes and fixes
Major Release
November 22, 2024
  • First Release
1.0 is born! 🎉
January 11, 2021

Birthday of & this readme.

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