Contacting Support provides multiple support channels, ensuring readily available assistance for any user inquiries or issues. offers several avenues for users seeking support, ensuring assistance is readily available for any queries or issues:

Official Channel via Intercom System:

  • The primary and recommended method for contacting support is through the Intercom system on the website.
  • This can be accessed by clicking on the icon located in the bottom right corner of our website.
  • This channel is preferred for its confidentiality, which is particularly important when sharing sensitive information like temporary login credentials for troubleshooting purposes.

Facebook Group:

  • The Facebook group serves as an additional platform for official support.
  • It's also a community hub where other users can offer their insights and solutions.
  • This option is especially useful during weekends or off-hours when official support may not be available.

Community Page:

  • Support is also provided on the community page.
  • Similar to the Facebook group, this platform allows for interaction with both the official support team and other community members, fostering a collaborative environment for resolving issues and sharing knowledge.

Each of these support channels caters to different needs and preferences, offering a comprehensive support system to users. Whether it's direct assistance from the official team or collaborative problem-solving with fellow users, these resources ensure users have access to the help they need.

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