White Label Filters

The add_filter function is a key part of WordPress's plugin API that allows developers to modify data at specific points during the execution of the code.

Here's how it works:

  1. add_filter is used to hook a function or method to a specific filter action.
  2. WordPress core (or plugins) can define these filter actions at specific points in their code, usually just before output is generated or data is saved. This is done using the apply_filters function.
  3. When the apply_filters function is called, WordPress will execute all functions hooked to that filter action in the order they were added. The data is passed from one function to the next, allowing each to modify it.
  4. The final result is then returned by apply_filters and used by the calling code.
add_filter('motionpage/wl/active', '__return_true');
add_filter('motionpage/wl/hidden', '__return_true');
add_filter('motionpage/wl/hideVersion', '__return_true');

In each case, __return_true is a built-in WordPress function that simply returns true, overriding the original setting value. You can use __return_false in a similar way to __return_true when using the add_filter function. It allows you to override the original value of a setting or a feature and force it to be false.

* @param string $value

add_filter('motionpage/wl/name', function($value) {
  return 'Motion Page';

add_filter('motionpage/wl/description', function($value) {
  return "Move it like it's HOT!";

add_filter('motionpage/wl/author', function($value) {
  return 'By <a href="//motion.page/">HypeWolf OÜ</a>';

add_filter('motionpage/wl/icon', function($value) {
  return 'dashicons-superhero';
add_filter('motionpage/wl/data', function() {
  return [
    'active' => true,
    'name' => 'Motion.page',
    'description' => "Move it like it's HOT!",
    'author' => 'By <a href="//motion.page" target="_blank">Motion.page</a>',
    'icon' => 'dashicons-superhero',
    'hidden' => true,
    'hideVersion' => true

* @param array $data White Label data array
add_filter('motionpage/wl/data', function($data) {
  return array_merge($data, [
    'name' => 'Motion.page',
    'description' => "Move it like it's HOT!",
100 %